SelenoPrecise approved by EFSA

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has reviewed the extensive safety documentation on SelenoPrecise and concluded that the product does not present any safety concern.


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What is FibrePrecise?

FibrePrecise is a natural fibre consisting of β-1,4-polymer of d-glucosamine and β-1 ,4-acetyl glucosamine. This raw material is of pure natural origin. It is extracted from freshly caught crustaceans in the relative unpolluted North Atlantic Ocean. The FibrePrecise raw material undergoes a special treatment which gives the product a number of special features: Among other things, removing original proteins during processing, which means that even people who are hyper-allergic to shellfish, will not likely experience any allergic reaction to the substance.

There is full tracebility from capture to the finished raw material and production is TUN-certified (EU standard). That is a certification of organic and sustainable production and resource exploitation.

What does FibrePrecise do?
It is well documented thar water soluble polymer fibres absorb significant amounts of dietary fat. Different water soluble polymer fibre products, with different specifications, lead to different capabilities of fat absorption. Raw material purity, density and structure seems to be decisive.

Density is relevant for dissolving capabilities of the material and thereby fat binding capacity.

The fibrePrecise raw material is immediately dissolved in the stomach – and ready to “fight for the unbound fats”, before these are absorbed through the institinal wall.