SelenoPrecise approved by EFSA

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has reviewed the extensive safety documentation on SelenoPrecise and concluded that the product does not present any safety concern.


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SelenoPrecise® references – a selection

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Various selenium preparations differ considerably in quality, and even among organic preparations the absorption may vary to a considerable extent. A Norwegian study showed that SelenoPrecise® was absorbed much more efficiently than selenium from a preparation allegedly containing selenocysteine [A-850].

Later studies have shown that organic selenium more effectively raised the blood level of selenium than inorganic selenite [A-186, A-1403]. A Danish trial comparing ten different selenium preparations found that selenium absorption from selenomethionine was higher than absorption from inorganic selenium and various selenium yeasts [A-281].

The specific SelenoPrecise® yeast has been shown to contain a large proportion of selenomethionine and provide an excellent absorption [A-7162]. In a recent trial absorption from SelenoPrecise® selenium yeast was even higher (p<0.001) than that obtained with synthetic l-selenomethionine (A-6798).
A number of different trials have shown significant effects in elderly persons supplemented with selenium, compared to persons supplemented with similar placebo [A-249, A-262, A-350, A-675, A-726, A-976, A-979]. Moreover, a placebo controlled trial has shown that Bio-Selenium+Zinc ( Pharma Nord),containing the SelenoPrecise® yeast, improves mood in young, healthy subjects [A-3072]. This effect was not observed in a study with elderly persons [A-7509].
A long term study suggested that 2 Bio-Selenium+Zinc(Pharma Nord)/day was able to reduce the recurrence of new colorectal adenomas by 50% after a previous resection [A-5176].
Bio-Selenium+Zinc(Pharma Nord), containing SelenoPrecise® yeast, has been certified not to contain substances on the doping list [A-6633].

The SelenoPrecise® yeast has been well characterised in studies with respect to absorption, speciation, retention, excretion [A-6743, A-6791, A-6792, A-6798, A-6809, A-7037, A-7162, A-7302] and safety [A-7258].
The selenium concentration in whole blood from the Danish PRECISE Pilot trial was higher (p<0.001) than that obtained with synthetic l-selenomethionine (A-6798). SelenoPrecise® yeast has been used in efficacy studies of lipids and thyroid hormones [A-7037], and is currently beeing used in studies of cancer prevention [A-7258, A-7265].